The Curriculum Audit

The Curriculum Audit™, developed and owned by Curriculum Management Systems, Inc., is a structured approach to organizational analysis, policy direction, curriculum quality and equity, and system use of feedback to determine school district effectiveness in promoting student educational attainment.The Curriculum Audit was originally employed over 25 years ago to provide policy makers, educational executives, and community constituencies an independent review and a series of recommendations regarding:

  1. Whether the policy framework provided by the board of education was adequate to define and promote improved student achievement, however defined
  2. Whether the educational leadership of the school district was implementing board policy and whether school district operations conformed to the standards of quality in instructional organization. These standards include the following:
    1. Adequacy, specificity, and scope of board policies and planning
    2. Sufficient quality in direction for teaching and learning
    3. Consistency and equity in schools and program implementation
    4. Effectiveness of program and process monitoring and assessment
    5. Use and allocations of budget and resources for productivity and quality improvement

The Curriculum Audit process follows generally accepted principles of organizational effectiveness, and the product is a comprehensive, detailed, and highly contextualized written report. The report analyzes the district's programs and policies, diagnoses strengths and weaknesses, and recommends concrete courses of action for the board and superintendent to follow in order to improve and advance the levels of student learning and teacher efficacy in their educational organization. The Curriculum Audit is perfect for any district leadership team seeking valuable feedback regarding its efforts to improve achievement for all students.

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