The Small School Audit

The Small School Audit was designed especially for school districts with enrollments of less than 2,500 students, and is based on the methodology and approach of the Curriculum Audit. The purpose of the Small Schools Audit is to comprehensively evaluate, in an affordable manner, the quality of the system's curriculum management processes.

Included in the Small Schools Audit is a review and analysis of the quality control characteristics of the system, including:

  • Scope and extent of coverage of the school district's curriculum, programs, and services
  • Documentation of curriculum expectations to guide teachers in content selection
  • Nature and appropriateness of curriculum expectations for learners
  • How the system assesses performance results and success in its educational programs
  • Scope and quality of board policies and planning for effective governance of the system
  • Connections and relationships among organizational components for consistency and equity of programs and services
  • Use of resources for maximum productivity

The Small Schools Audit is designed to reveal the extent to which officials and professional staff of a school district have developed and implemented a sound, valid, and operational system of cirriculum management. Such a system, set within the framework of adopted board policies, enables the school district to make maximum use of its human and financial resources in the education of its students. When such a system is fully operational, it assures the governing board and the school system's taxpayers that their fiscal support is optimized under the conditions in which the school district functions.

The audit report provides a detailed, rigorous, and forthright diagnosis and analysis of the quality control activities of the system in terms of its capabilities to provide quality teaching and learning for its clientele. Given the audit report information, the Board and Superintendent will be able to identify strengths and weaknesses of the system, formulate improvement action plans, and proceed to improve and enhance the quality of student achievement and the school system itself.

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