Advanced Walk-Through Training and Licensure

Building a Culture of Reflective Practice for Higher Student Achievement in Your School, Using the Informal Downey Walk-Through and Reflective Conversations

Learn from the masters! In this series of cutting edge training programs, Dr. Downey, the creator of the Walk-Through for Reflective Inquiry (The Three-Minute Walk-Through), and Dr. Steffy, author of Life Cycle of the Career Teacher, provide training in a more comprehensive walk-through observational structure. These advanced seminars also introduce participants to the underlying theoretical framework of the reflective conversation, as well as the five levels of reflective questions. The three seminars offered include:

Advanced Walk-Through with Reflective Inquiry

Spend two full days with the two walk-through experts, practicing the classroom walk-through and enhancing your reflective conversations. A unique feature of the program is the extensive practice you will receive in designing and conducting conversations built around reflective questions. Participants who have completed Basic Walk-Through Supervision training and have 100 documented hours of independent practice with walk-through visits and follow-up conversations will qualify for this valuable coaching and mentoring skill.

Local Education Agency Walk-Through with Reflective Inquiry

Be a trainer for your own school district, training others in the principles of the Downey Walk-Through with Reflective Conversations. Using simulations of the actual trainings, participants will receive valuable training tips while focusing on the Basic Walk-Through and Advanced Walk-Through seminars. Participants of the Basic Walk-Through and Advanced Walk-Through trainings who have completed 100 hours of walk-through practice may qualify for this opportunity. Those successfully completing this program will be provided with a Trainer's Kit. The kit includes a Trainer's Manual, CD with PowerPoint, and other important training materials. Individuals who attend the LEA Provider Training are encouraged to stay and attend the colloquium, which takes place the two days following LEA training.


The Colloquium is offered to licensed CMSi Walk-Through trainers and focuses on the latest research and training refinements. It is a time to share ideas about training others in the walk-through process and to participate in think-tank activities with others. CMSi provides must attend colloquium once every two years to maintain their licensed status.

Each of these trainings is held during the first or second week of October; contact CMSi for information regarding locations and exact dates and times.

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