Deep Curriculum Alignment: Coping With High Stakes Testing

No Child Left Behind (NCLB) has focused school districts on student learning as defined by high stakes tests. Having every student pass these tests is crucial for every school district. If you want your students to pass the high stakes test, the curriculum your teachers teach must be deeply aligned with the test.

This hands-on and action-oriented CMSi program offers the skills needed to best ensure that your curriculum is deeply aligned and that your students will not be left behind. Deep Alignment is an intensive series of three, one-day seminars that implement proven strategies to improve student achievement via curriculum alignment. The seminar provides individuals with the knowledge and theoretical base as well as the practical steps to construct teacher-friendly curriculum guides that increase the congruence between the written, taught, and tested curricula in classrooms, schools, and school districts and that will lead to substantial gains in student achievement on high-stakes tests currently in use. Participants will leave the seminar with an action plan for implementation of what is learned over the three days.

At the end of the first day participants will know and understand:

  • Principles of alignment between the written, taught, and tested curriculum
  • Rationale for curriculum alignment
  • Foundational concepts of deep alignment
  • Specialized terminology used in the deep alignment process
  • Sociological perspective of cultural capital and how it relates to students and tests

At the end of the second day participants will be able to:

  • Backload publicity released test items into the curriculum
  • Deconstruct test items
  • Determine the context, content and cognitive level for alignment
  • Develop parallel test items
  • Check for text/test alignment

At the end of the third day participants will have the skills to:

  • Articulate their and the CMSi viewpoints on test ethics
  • Design curriculum guides from state standards
  • Develop a multi-year plan for curriculum review
  • Design a curriculum guide format and its critical components
  • Conduct a Q sort
  • Produce and use a validation matrix
  • Create a curriculum plan
  • Write a curriculum policy

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