Fifty Ways to Close the Achievement Gap

This two-day cutting edge seminar presents the 50 strategies found to have the greatest impact on student achievement. This seminar is suitable for any district leaders desirous of diagnosing system needs and of meeting NCLB requirements. The 50 strategies will energize participants and provide focus on the steps that need to be part of any district or school improvement plan.

Participants will receive a copy of the bestselling book, 50 Ways to Close the Achievement Gap, by Downey, English, Frase, Poston, Steffy, and Melton, and the companion handbook participants receive will serve as a guide to creating the educational tools and strategies most likely to result in higher student achievement.

In this site-based training program, participants will acquire the tools needed to make substantive improvements in student learning.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Establish a well-crafted, focused, valid, and clear curriculum to direct teaching.
  • Provide assessments that are aligned to the curriculum.
  • Align program and instructional resources to the curriculum and provide student equality and equity.
  • Use a mastery learning approach as well as effective teaching strategies.
  • Establish curriculum expectations, monitoring, and accountability.
  • Institute effective district and school planning, staff development, and resource allocation; and provide for a quality learning environment.

This seminar is two dimensional, utilizing mini-lectures and diagnostic activities. Participants are encouraged to personalize their learning, applying the strategies learned to the context within their own district.

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