Mentoring the Reflective Principal: Collaborative Approaches to Impact Student Achievement

This eight-day series has been specifically designed for those who supervise or mentor school-based administrators. Four two-day seminar segments present one or two protocols each; all six protocols focus on using collaborative dialogue with principals and assistant principals for reflection and improved performance, with the ultimate goal of higher student achievement. The protocols incorporate motivational strategies in working with school-based administrators, as well.

Supervisors and mentors are encouraged to attend as supervisor/principal teams. These teams consist of one supervisor or mentor and 2-3 principals or other school-based administrators. These teams work together in implementing the protocols in the year following the seminar, with the purpose of preparing for a full-scale implementation the following year.

The following are the major topics and protocols for each segment:

Segment One (days 1 and 2)

The Role of Supervisors and Other District-Level Staff in Mentoring Principals and
Protocol 1: Monthly Supervisors' School and Classroom Visitation

This mini-seminar includes a demonstration of the protocol with one of the participants, walking through classrooms and focusing on those strategies principals use with staff in working toward higher student achievement.

Segment Two (days 3 and 4)

Protocol 2: Feeder School Principals' Joint Academic Goals and Interventions and An Approach to Writing/Reviewing School Improvement Plans and Protocol 3: Mid-Year and Annual Performance Review

This segment focuses on personnel issues and feeder schools’ goal development in a single-site school plan. The two days also include a time to debrief participants on their use of the School Visitation Protocol since the last session.

Segment Three (days 5 and 6)

Protocol 4: School-wide Classroom Observation Protocol for Curriculum Alignment and Powerful Instructional Practices

This segment includes a demonstration of protocol 4 through classroom observations, and involves collecting and calibrating the classroom observation data. A technology support approach will be used, and a second opportunity for debriefing participants using protocols 1 and 2 is included.

Segment Four (days 7 and 8)

Protocol 5: Team Approach for Working with Low-Performing Schools and Protocol 6: Listening to the Voice of Your Principals

In this segment, the last two protocols are presented to participants. A portion of the mini-seminar provides participants with the opportunity to share what they’ve learned from protocols 1-4, particularly from their implementation of those protocols.

This series provides LEA (Local Education Agency) licensure to participants. Licensed providers receive the Supervisor's Kit, which includes a Trainer’s Manual, CD with the PowerPoint presentation, and a copy of the Participant's Manual. CMSi requires all LEA providers to purchase one book for every participant trained. A separate licensure process is available to service center individuals or those seeking to be independent providers.

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