Performance-Based Budgeting: Improving School District Effectiveness with Limited Resources

It used to be that the superintendent and business manager would put their heads together, develop a budget, and present it to the school board for approval. But today, an entirely new approach to budgeting is required—one that supports data-driven, collaborative decision making. There are too many needs and too few resources available to be able to budget effectively any other way. Program priorities must be set, and system stakeholders must help allocate resources with accountability for results.

The purpose of the performance-based (also called curriculum-driven) budgeting seminar and process is to train participants in effectively using participatory decision making to develop an efficient but productive budget. Using curriculum needs and requirements, participants learn how to design and build budgets that are results and performance focused, and how to apply quality improvement strategies with limited or [shrinking] resources. The focus is on keeping budgets lean while maintaining the quality of the educational system, and on involving more stakeholders and decreasing conflict during the decision-making process.

Participants will gain the following from this seminar:

  • Ways to reduce or contain the budget without damaging the educational mission.
  • Performance-based budgeting techniques that improve quality
  • Procedures to ensure the budget is driven by educational needs and strategic planning
  • Anticipating the unforeseen consequences of budget reductions
  • Maximizing productivity in hard times
  • Increasing revenues and expanding resources despite economic austerity
  • Budget and request activities and forms that enhance educational priorities
  • What to do about the repercussions of central office reductions and program cutbacks
  • New strategies for communicating with employees, parents and the community
  • Strategies that foster collaboration

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