Establishing Strategic Lesson Planning and Contextual Delivery

This one- or two-day seminar teaches educators how to plan according to the mastery learning model, and how to contextualize the delivery of the lesson. Contextual delivery requires great flexibility and creativity on the part of the teacher, as well as a high level of spontaneity. This seminar is not about lesson planning; rather, it addresses designing lessons strategically, to provide for on-going diagnosis of student needs and the delivery of instruction to meet those needs. The seminar focuses lesson planning on the alignment of instruction with district curriculum and effective instructional practices.

Participants will be able to develop lesson plans that:

  • Plan teaching that responds to individual student needs and learning styles
  • Are structured to allow for spontaneity and ever-changing classroom contexts
  • Incorporate frequent, diagnostic, and authentic assessments
  • Focus on the essential skills, knowledge, and concepts included in the district and/or state curriculum

This seminar, as one of the principal-teacher series for higher student achievement, offers an additional half-day of training for participants to acquire licensure to train others in-district. This “trainer of trainers” seminar includes a trainer’s kit.

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