Using a Mastery Learning Approach with Powerful Teaching Strategies

This two-day seminar will describe the value of the Mastery Learning Approach in providing a differentiated curriculum to all students. Mastery learning is founded on the principle that children learn best when instruction is at the exact level of student need, as demonstrated on diagnostic assessments. The correlation between instruction and evaluation is strong, and the proficiencies for the approach will be described.

In addition to the mastery learning approach, dozens of the most effective, research-based teaching strategies will be presented. These strategies increase students’ mastery of the content, and are applicable to all content areas.

Some of the powerful strategies include:

  • Using graphic organizers
  • Teaching with cooperative grouping
  • Using metacognitive strategies
  • Employing praise and positive feedback
  • Providing ample response opportunities

Key strategies will be modeled and participants will be guided through the process of using the strategies to teach their curriculum.

This seminar, as one of the principal-teacher series for higher student achievement, offers an additional half-day of training for participants to acquire licensure to train others in-district. This “trainer of trainers” seminar includes a trainer’s kit.

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