Using Power Strategies for Vocabulary Development and Strengthening Reading Achievement

Using Power Strategies for Vocabulary Development

Vocabulary for High Stakes Testing is a powerful one-day workshop designed to give core curriculum teachers a comprehensive understanding of critical vocabulary concepts and related research-based instructional strategies. Designed for teachers, grades three through ten, this workshop assists participants in identifying and addressing gaps in their own personal understanding of significant vocabulary concepts and relevant grade level standards. These concepts form the infrastructure of the English language and serve a particularly powerful role in supporting the learning needs of English Language Learners and other students struggling to improve their reading skills. Workshop participants will review the relationship between vocabulary concepts, grade level standards, and high stakes testing, both criterion-referenced and norm referenced.

Teachers will leave this workshop with:

  • A clear, grade-level specific set of vocabulary concepts
  • A set of high frequency academic vocabulary words
  • Strategies to evaluate and augment publishers' vocabulary selections
  • Classroom-based activities designed to process and reinforce vocabulary concepts
  • Cross-curricular applications for vocabulary
  • Models for formative assessment in vocabulary

Reading Comprehension for High Stakes Testing

Every year the academic destinies of millions of American’s students are influenced by their performances on high stakes reading comprehension tests. Whether theses assessments function as academic benchmarks, state accountability standards, graduation requirements or collegiate gatekeepers, reading comprehension test results create powerful perceptions and communicate important information to students, parents, educators, government officials and the general public. Despite the complex and influential roles these tests play, few classroom teachers hold a deep understanding of these assessments and the important academic skills they measure.

Reading Comprehension for High Stakes Testing is a unique, two-day workshop designed for classroom teachers, particularly those serving grades three through twelve. Beginning with a simplistic model of reading comprehension skills, this workshop familiarizes teachers of all subject areas with a basic working framework for reading instruction. Building on this simple model, workshop participants will learn a functional lesson design model assisting teachers in formulating quality reading comprehension questions. These questions align with state standards and address four critical levels—literal understanding, interpretation/inference, critical analysis, and strategies. Using this basic reading framework, teachers will learn how to develop and implement several formative assessment models that generate the diagnostic data essential to instructional decision making regarding reading comprehension. In addition, a variety of research-based reading comprehension strategies will be modeled.

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